Through the years Swedish indie band Hunt have taken many different musical shapes and forms. After releasing the electronica oriented first EP “Ashes of a Secret Heart”, they returned full scale with 2013´s debut album “Dark Come Sooner” on Swedish indie label Kning Disk. The album consists of grandiose and suggestive indie, with the other foot placed firmly in post rock kingdom. First single “Reset my bones” features American poet Andrea Gibson’s poem ”Jellyfish” that together with lead singer Susanna Brandin’s voice perfectly frames the eerie desolation which is Hunt’s music.


The second LP “Branches” was released by Lövely Records April 8th 2016. If first album ”Dark Come Sooner” was the musical equivalent of being lost in a rural snow ridden landscape, with Susanna’s voice as the sole beacon of light in the far distance, Branches is the more urban after math. The sense of being forsaken still remains, but on Branches it’s rather an eternal time lapse of cold rain drizzling against a backdrop of street lights that obstacles the journey towards that remote salvation.


Hunt are Susanna Brandin, Johanna Hellqvist, Hillevi Duus and Jakob Enlund. They have done numerous European tours, and have also toured in Japan and South Korea. The often filmic quality of Hunt’s music has resulted in creatively fruitful collaborations with Uppsala International Short Film Festival, and the South Korean equivalent BISFF, where Hunt has been invited to perform their music alongside film screenings.